• Automated Solutions, Inc. - Allen-Bradley Ethernet OPC DA 3.0 Server
  • Publish date: 03/09/2016
  • Product release date: 03/09/2016
Allen-Bradley Ethernet OPC DA 3.0 Server

Allen-Bradley Ethernet OPC DA 3.0 Server

Automated Solutions' Allen-Bradley Ethernet OPC Data Access Server provides high-performance connectivity to A-B ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, MicroLogix, SLC 500, & PLC-5 controllers.

  • Does not require RSLinx or 3rd party drivers
  • Supports ControlLogix native tag names
  • No limits on number of OPC Clients, Devices, or Items
  • Supports tag scaling to engineering units
  • Supports OPC Custom and Automation Interfaces
  • Explorer style user interface for configuring channels, devices, and tags
  • Tag optimization minimizes number of transactions on arrays and non-contiguous tags
  • Event viewer for diagnostics and error reporting
  • Licensing can be accomplished via web, telephone, or email
  • Simulation mode allows for testing your OPC client connection without target PLC
  • Extensive context sensitive help system
  • Free version updates