CodeMeter AxProtector & IxProtector – the Protection Toolset

CodeMeter AxProtector & IxProtector  – the Protection Toolset

Member: Wibu-Systems AG

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CodeMeter encompasses the Wibu-Systems core technology at the foundation of both hardware-based copy protection (CmDongle) and software-based activation (CmActLicense). Software integrity is preserved by means of the combination of asymmetric, symmetric encryption algorithms and hash functions, as well as certificate chain verifications.

The product supports standard computer operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), embedded systems (Linux RT, Windows Embedded), real time operating systems (VxWorks, QNX) and PLC systems (CODESYS, B&R).

Takeaway for OEMs: The protection of the source code within development tools for PLCs, like CODESYS, B&R and Rockwell Automation, is the first step to ensure the economic stability of your company.