• Publish date: 11/06/2020
  • Product release date: 11/06/2020
  • Product Version:
ControlEdge™ PLC

ControlEdge™ PLC

Honeywell’s new PLC is part of the ControlEdge™ family, a next generation family of controllers providing unprecedented connectivity through all levels of process and business operations. The result is optimized operations and maintenance efficiencies that release personnel from manual processes. ControlEdge PLC is one of the first controllers with Embedded OPC UA Protocol. As the protocol of choice for IIoT, OPC Unified Architecture (UA) provides secure, reliable and vendor-neutral transport of raw data and preprocessed information from the sensor and field level up to the manufacturing level. Using this open protocol – embedded directly in the controller itself as a client and a server – the Honeywell ControlEdge PLC provides users with the flexibility to choose between interfaces while simplifying integration with a wide range of third-party systems and devices. Interoperable multi-level and multiplatform open communication provides flexible and scalable design, enabling standardization with less hardware.

Embedded OPC UA Server:

ControlEdge PLC OPC UA Server enables native OPC UA client access to information on ControlEdge PLC. It is based on the Embedded UA Server profile defined in the companion specification ‘OPC UA for Programmable Logic Controllers based on IEC61131-3’.

Embedded OPC UA Client:

ControlEdge PLC OPC UA client provides a library of OPC UA Function Blocks that are based on the PLCopen companion specification ‘PLCopen OPC-UA Client for IEC61131-3. In addition, a MDIS library with a set of custom OPC UA Function blocks representing all the MDIS OPC UA object types as defined in the MDIS OPC UA Companion Specification V1.2. is provided and can be used with MDIS OPC UA compliant Servers.

Product certification history

Certified Profiles Embedded UA Server Profile, Minimum UA Client Profile
Certificate Number 2010CE00CF
Certification Date 10/14/2020
Expiration Date 10/31/2023
CTT Version 1.03.341.396
Additional Facets Attribute Read Client Facet,
Attribute Write Client Facet,
DataChange Client Facet,
Method Client Facet
Security Policies SecurityPolicy - Basic128Rsa15,
SecurityPolicy - Basic256,
SecurityPolicy - Basic256Sha256,
SecurityPolicy - Aes128_Sha256_RsaOaep,
SecurityPolicy - Aes256_Sha256_RsaOaep
User Identity Tokens User Token - Anonymous Facet,
User Token - User Name Password Server Facet
Comments Conditional Pass: The server automatically opens an endpoint with SecurityPolicy#Basic256 on Startup, even if this SecurityPolicy is disabled in the configuration.
Product Name Control Edge PLC
Certified Product Version
Product MD5 Hash cc21fc3c53a2c146fe74cca1e3e3b824
Embedded UA Server Profile, Minimum UA Client Profile