Cyberlogic OPC Server

Cyberlogic OPC Server

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The Cyberlogic OPC Server provides OPC connectivity for various networks, controllers and compatible devices. It supports major industrial brands, such as Allen-Bradley and Modicon.

The server has a modular structure that supports a variety of industrial devices and communication networks. The various communication subsystems, called driver agents, are plug-ins that you can easily add as required. As a result, the server maintains a set of common features, but has the flexibility to allow additional features as required by the specific driver agent.

Cyberlogic OPC Server is a core component of all Cyberlogic OPC Suites. Cyberlogic's OPC Suites are integrated, all-in-one products, and no third-party components are required. The unique OPC Math & Logic feature allows users to write programs that apply complex mathematical and logical operations to the data. The Data Logger option gives the Cyberlogic OPC Server the capability to log real-time data to a database for archiving, later analysis, and other purposes. The built-in OPC redundancy and reliability features allow users to configure an unlimited number of redundant OPC servers, redundant networks and redundant devices. A Health Monitor continuously verifies the operation of each OPC server, network and device, automatically switching to backups when there is a problem. The built-in data bridging and data concentration features allow users to configure highly efficient data acquisition topologies. The built-in unsolicited messaging feature lets PLCs initiate data transmissions, eliminating the need to poll for data.

The Cyberlogic OPC Server is part of these Suites:

Supported networks include:

  • Modicon Modbus Plus
  • Modicon Ethernet (Modbus over TCP/IP)
  • Modicon Serial Modbus/RTU
  • Modicon Serial Modbus/ASCII
  • MBX Gateway for Remote Access
  • A-B Data Highway
  • A-B Data Highway Plus
  • A-B ControlNet
  • A-B DH-485
  • A-B Ethernet
  • A-B EtherNet/IP
  • A-B DF1
  • ControlLogix Gateway
  • DHX Gateway for remote access
  • OPC Data Access 3.0, 2.05a and 1.0a

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Data Access 2.05a
Data Access 3.0

Data Access 2.05a<br>Data Access 3.0




DA 3.0 1.0.18; DA 2.05a 2.0.22

Cyberlogic OPC Server


Data Access 2.05a
Data Access 3.0

Data Access 2.05a<br>Data Access 3.0




DA 2.05a:; DA3:

Cyberlogic OPC Server