• Publish date: 04/08/2019
  • Product release date: 04/08/2019
eVM for Windows

eVM for Windows

Reduce the cost and complexity of multi-computer systems using eVM for Windows embedded virtualization technology.  Consolidate a headless x86 operating system with its applications onto a shared multi-core platform with Windows.  eVM for Windows allows the quick and easy integration of embedded or real-time applications onto newer, more reliable, and more powerful platforms with intel Virtualization technology.  The result is a simultaneous, side-by-side deployment of native Windows with embedded OSs and applications that eliminates the need for multiple compute platforms.

eVM for Windows builds on our unique embedded virtualization approach that utilizes explicit hardware partitioning, combined with our hard real-time hypervisor (HartH™) technology.  This technology preserves the determinism of existing embedded applications due to its underlying real-time OS environment and allows direct access to critical I/O, using native, unmodified Guest OS drivers.

eVM for Windows creates separate hardware subsystems on a single platform, onto which you can consolidate your Windows and Guest OS along with new or existing applications to lower system hardware costs and reduce integration complexity.