Industrial Automated Messaging

Industrial Automated Messaging

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Industrial Automated Messaging 

SeQent’s FirstPAGE (FP) Industrial Automated Messaging product family provides a high-volume automated messaging platform that publishes text and voice data in real-time to a wide range of communication devices. FirstPAGE offers a generic interface to a multitude of messaging platforms, enabling simplified communication and configuration. With support for many output protocols or platforms including email, SMS, databases, voice and two-way radios, combined with various connectivity options (serial, modem, TCP/IP, databases), FirstPAGE allows for a vast combination of custom implementations. This innovative and cost-effective product enables messaging to the right people at the right time with features such as automated failover provider paths, connection management, time zone configuration, schedule configuration, distribution lists, and more.


Key Features

  • Delivers messages to a wide range of personal communication devices

  • Supports a wide variety of protocols

  • Offers a full suite of administration tools, all accessible remotely

  • Distributed architecture supporting an unlimited number of providers, destinations, and distribution lists

  • Offers unique alarm escalation hierarchy - see Alarm Manager

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FirstPAGE Gateway for OPC

FirstPAGE Gateway for OPC collects data from one or more OPC DA compliant servers, OPC HDA compliant servers, OPC UA DA compliant servers, and allows business rule definition against the collected data and sends messages to FirstPAGE Server for processing. Value information such as name, trigger test, value, and various obtained values from OPC data sources are all available for message composition.

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FirstPAGE Link for OPC

FirstPAGE Link for OPC sets tag values in one or more OPC compliant Servers. Text message content, network ID and SNPP user content determine what tag to update and what value to write.

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