IoTium Network Infrastructure as-a-service for Industrial IoT

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IoTium provides a secure managed software-defined network infrastructure for industrial IoT to securely connect legacy and greenfield mission-critical on-site machinery and automation & control systems to applications that reside in data centers or the cloud - all at scale. The solution is zero-touch provisioned eliminating all complexities in scalable mass deployment.

IoTium’s software defined, virtual overlay network enables industrial customers to connect absolutely any machine, that works on any protocol (SCADA, MODbus, CANbus, OPC, BACnet, Ethernet, zygbee, z-wave, BTLE, 6LOWPAN, and the likes), using any gateway, through any operator, on any infrastructure (3g,4G- LTE, Satellite, T1, MPLS, Corporate IP network) to any cloud (Azure, AWS, Predix, IBM Bluemix, Private data centers and the likes) and any application – all with one-click, completely securely, and at scale.