• Publish date: 05/05/2014
  • Product release date: 05/05/2014
  • Product Version: 2.0.5
Matrikon Flex - OPC UA SDK

Matrikon Flex - OPC UA SDK

Matrikon Flex is a professional, C++-based,  OPC UA software development toolkit (SDK).  Built from the ground up for scalability and high performance – Matrikon Flex can be used for products ranging from embedded applications with limited computing resources to large multi-core PC servers.

Key Matrikon Flex features: 

  • NEW: Now supports OPC UA PubSub over MQTT
  • Is the first OPC UA SDK that supports the WolfMQTT library for commercial strength TLS security (using WolfSSL)
  • C++ based
  • OPC UA stack is built from embedded first principles for reliability
  • Near linear performance increase with each additional core added (eliminates typical 8-core+ performance drop-off).
  • Supports millions of transactions per second
  • Is the only toolkit you need across all product lines
  • No royalties
  • Per-seat licensing
  • Native CODESYS integration (available on CODESYS online store)

and much more…

Learn more about Matrikon Flex (www.matrikonflex.com)




Product certification history

Certified Profiles Embedded UA Server Profile
Certificate Number 1410CS0055
Certification Date 10/28/2014
Expiration Date 10/31/2017
CTT Version 1.2.335.238
Additional Facets UA Data Access Server
Product Name OPC UA Embedded Server
Certified Product Version 2.0.5
Embedded UA Server Profile