• Siemens AG - Motion Control System SIMOTION
  • Publish date: 07/04/2014
  • Product release date: 07/04/2014
Motion Control System SIMOTION

Motion Control System SIMOTION

SIMOTION is the High-End Motion Control System from Siemens for applications with complex motion control.

SIMOTION enables the scalable handling of comprehensive motion functions as well as PLC and technology functions in a motion control system with a common engineering system (SIMOTION SCOUT/ SIMOTION SCOUT TIA).

The SIMOTION software covers all functions and ensures high-speed communication with PROFINET or PROFIBUS. Further, you can select between several programming languages and three different hardware platforms, depending on the respective requirement.

As from software update V4.5, SIMOTION will support the standardized communication protocol OPC UA on all hardware platforms:


Thanks to the OPC UA server with Data Access (DA), SIMOTION will secure full openness by offering a comfortable interface to 3rd party devices as well as perfect interoperability across all automation levels.