OPC Data Manager

OPC Data Manager

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OPC Data Manager (ODM) is a software application that transfers data from one OPC server to another. Use ODM when you need to share, map, and bridge OPC data between two or more control systems (e.g. PLC and a DCS). With ODM this connectivity can be accomplished with standard, off-the-shelf software.

Traditionally hard wires connected both inputs and outputs of control systems to transfer such data. This made data sharing complex to setup properly and expensive to maintain. OPC is well suited to sharing data between different vendors’ systems because it eliminates connectivity problems caused by proprietary communications. The easiest way to connect two OPC Servers (one for each device) is to use OPC Data Manager. OPC Data Manager is specifically designed to share real-time, historical, and Alarm & Events data between two or more control systems in a secure and reliable manner. The interface is intuitive making the mapping process quick and easy.