OPC UA Wrapper

OPC UA Wrapper

Member: Integration Objects

Product website: integrationobjects.com/sioth-opc/sioth-opc-unified...

Integration Objects’ OPC UA Wrapper is a plug and play software for OPC UA to COM/DCOM based OPC tunneling and vice versa. This OPC UA software includes 2 components:

  • OPC UA Wrapper that acts as a bridge between OPC Classic servers and OPC UA clients. It maps the address space of classic OPC servers to the address space of an OPC UA server.
  • OPC UA Proxy that acts as a bridge between OPC UA servers and any OPC client.

This OPC UA solution can read and write OPC item values, read historical data, read and acknowledge alarms and events. It can also manage security, authentication settings and certificates.
It supports OPC Data Access, OPC Historical Data Access and OPC Alarms & Events standards.