Operator Excellence Manager

Operator Excellence Manager

Member: Protomation BV

Product website: www.operator-excellence.com

Protomation's Operator Excellence Manager adds full scale multimedia e-learning to Process Studio applications, extending the simulator experience to a complete curriculum consisting of modules including theory and background information. All lesson modules are neatly packed for use in a SCORM-conformant Learning Management System (LMS).

Protomation's Operator Training Simulators are built upon Process Studio applications and enable you to train your process operators even before your plant is commisioned, preparing them for the real thing! Using our generic emulated environment or linked to a copy of the actual control system, with Protomation's OTS you can learn your operators to deal with rare and difficult situations and process upsets. Experience proves that operators trained with a simulator have better insight knowledge, know what to do in case of trouble, have greater job satisfaction and are generally more 'in control'.