Rensen OPC Office Link

Rensen OPC Office Link

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OPC Office Link connects OPC servers with office applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, or any other ODBC database, and with the Intranet or Internet. Copy & paste live data into spreadsheets, not just one item at a time but any number in one operation. Use OPC Office Link Server as the central data source for linking applications on other network computers, or to collect data continuously in the background. A simple click on the ‘Sample’ button starts logging of live data into the database of your choice; tables are created automatically. Trigger-controlled sampling, recipe transfers, data transfers from the database to the OPC server, and many other modes of operation are supported.

  • DA 2.05a
  • DA 2.05a
  • DA 3.0

Data Access 2.05a Server
Data Access 2.05a Client
Data Access 3.0 Client

Data Access 2.05a Server<br>Data Access 2.05a Client<br>Data Access 3.0 Client




DA 2.05a:, Analyzer 1.4.1020

OPC Office Link

Data Access 2.05a
Data Access 3.0
Data Access 2.05a Client

Data Access 2.05a<br>Data Access 3.0<br>Data Access 2.05a Client





OPC Office Link