Simplifier - the only low-code platform for integrated ui5 business and IOT apps

Simplifier - the only low-code platform for integrated ui5 business and IOT apps

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The low-code platform Simplifier is a web-based configuration framework for the creation of integrated business and IoT applications. With the Simplifier, iTiZZiMO established a unified technological basis for the digital transformation of companies. The Simplifier is a technology that allows integrated applications to be configured in a resource-friendly way instead of being programmed individually.  Reusable elements and the integration of existing IT systems ensure sustainable investments and the required efficiency when digitizing your customers' business processes. 

With the Simplifier, business processes can be integrated completely and user-friendly. Existing IT landscapes are mapped to each other using standardized connectors. Connecting existing systems and data sources such as SAP or Oracle, as well as machines via OPC UA connector a communication interface for data exchange, is possible and easier than ever before. Due to the Simplifier platform's low-code approach, applications can be created up to ten times faster. The advantage of this is that applications can easily be configured instead of programming individually. Existing application templates can be used as a baseline and can be customized to your individual requirements at any time. No matter if you use desktop, smartphone, tablet or wearables, the sustainable adaptability of applications and the efficiently implemented web technologies guarantee added values and ensure that capacity problems in the project business belong to the past.