StreamInsight Option for QuickOPC

StreamInsight Option for QuickOPC

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The StreamInsight Option for QuickOPC allows you to bring in streaming data from OPC sources into StreamInsight, analyze them and process them further, and even feed the results back to OPC servers. Data from OPC can be combined with data from multiple other sources. You can monitor the data for meaningful patterns, trends and exceptions. Streaming OPC data can be analyzed and correlated while they are in-flight.

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The OPC StreamInsight support in QuickOPC is not separate from its other parts. Instead, the OPC streaming data layer builds on top of many features and components already available in QuickOPC. 

Specifically, the StreamInsight Option makes ideal usage of the connection-less approach in QuickOPC, and the reactive programming model (OPC Reactive Extensions, Rx/OPC). This means that you can also easily combine the StreamInsight development with all other options and features provided by QuickOPC.


  • OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.0. 3.0
  • OPC Alarms&Events 1.x
  • OPC XML-DA 1.01
  • OPC Common
  • OPC Unified Architecture