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The UaGateway is a product for migrating the “classic” COM/DCOM based OPC Servers to the new OPC Unified Architecture. The UaGateway is a high performance Wrapper/Proxy programmed in C++. The UaGateway is based on our C++ OPC UA Server/Client SDK/Toolkit.

Solutions that can be obtained using the UaGateway:

connecting UA Client to COM/ DCOM Server(s)
connecting COM/DCOM Client to UA Server(s)
tunneling COM/DCOM through secure UA connection
data concentration on a single node; single point of access
firewall-friendly, secure data access to ‘classic’ OPC

The new UaGateway is fully configurable through OPC UA Methods. It will comply with the OPC DI Specification (Device Integration) and will offer standardized diagnosis and configuration capabilities.

The UaGateway is a Windows 32Bit application; it can be installed on standard Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) and can also run on 64Bit Windows (WOW64). The UaGateway can connect multiple underlying COM DA Servers and multiple underlying UA Servers at the same time. Connections to underlying servers can be added during runtime without restarting the UaGateway.

As of version 1.3.1,  OPC COM Alarms&Events is supported.

Typical Use Case

One of the use cases the UaGateway was designed for is the connection of legacy OPC Clients (e.g. HMI/SCADA systems) that need to connect to OPC UA Servers. The UaGateway will act as a “classic” OPC DataAccess 2/3 Server being installed locally on the PC where the HMI/SCADA Client resides. The UaGateway’s internal UA Client connects to one or more UA Servers using the high performance binary protocol. The connection can pass through firewalls, can run over the Internet and uses the OPC UA security mechanisms: authentication and encryption. The information model on the underlying UA Server(s) will be transparently mapped into the address space of UaGateway’s OPC DA Server.