Visual Logger for OPC

Member: One-Way Automation Inc.

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Visual Logger for OPC is an integration tool to:

  • Collect data from OPC UA Servers (as well as from classic OPC DA servers using UA Wrapper);
  • Store that data locally and immediately Forward to the time-series database, which can be one of those:
    • InfluxDB
    • TimescaleDB/PostgreSQL
    • Confluent (verified standard integration),
    • Apache Kafka
    • MS SQL
    • MySQL
    • SQLite
    • MQTT brokers such as:
      • Azure IoT Hub,
      • AWS IoT Broker,
      • Google Cloud IoT Core.
      • IBM Watson IoT,
      • any other generic MQTT Broker such as Eclipse Mosquitto
  • Visualize data using Grafana, acting as a REST back-end for its SimpleJson data source plugin. It can fetch real-time or historical data directly from OPC UA Servers, or from the backend time-series database.
  • Analyze data using InfluxQL or SQL or KSQL queries (depending on used time-series database type).

Can be deployed in Windows and Linux machines, as well as Azure IoT Edge Module (listed at Microsoft Azure Marketplace).