• Publish date: 12/18/2019
  • Product release date: 12/18/2019
x80 OPC UA module

x80 OPC UA module

The BMENUA01000 X80 OPC UA Module brings high performance, secure OPC UA connectivity to Schneider Electric Modicon ePAC devices.

It provides a secure, high performance, highly available communications platform to support data intensive industrial operations

Its native integration of modern cybersecurity technology provides a scalable, easy to implement and secure channel for communications.

Its high level of performances combined with all new capabilities of the OPC UA protocol allow multiple usages, such as the traditional communications requirements of automation systems – high speed, highly available, highly integrated connectivity between devices, controllers and SCADA / HMI systems, as well as the emerging communications required for business intelligence and data science. Requirements here are focused more on low speed, intermittent connections with flexible connectivity, high security and open interoperability.