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  • Publish date: 03/02/2017
  • Product release date: 03/02/2017
  • Product Version:
cMT Series Gateway Devices

cMT Series Gateway Devices

cMT-G01/G02/G03/G04 are IIoT smart communication gateways.


1. De-facto standard IIoT protocols
Supports MQTTOPC UA for both client and server.

2. Data Acquisition and Analysis
It can process data as conventional HMI (eg. store event log…), implement Data Transfer (eg. recipe data…etc.) between devices and run Macro to perform arithmetical and logical operations, and to convert raw data into meaningful information.

3. 300+ protocols integration
To communicate with over 300 brands of controllers, and then transmit all data of controllers to SCADA or ERP system, which completely integrates multiple devices into one.

4. Real-time Event/Alarm Notification
To send email to inform users about the operation status of the onsite machines, and use MQTT Publish function to send updated data or messages to immediately notify subscribed users.

5. Web-based configuration
You can configure your OPC UA nodes and communication settings using web interfaces without using our programming software EasyBuilder Pro.

cMT Series OPC UA server is also a default service on our cMT-series HMI products including cMT3072, cMT3090, cMT3103, and cMT3151.


Product certification history

Certified Profiles Standard UA Server
Certificate Number 1711CE009B
Certification Date 11/27/2017
Expiration Date 11/30/2020
CTT Version 1.2.336.273
Security Policies SecurityPolicy - Basic128Rsa15
SecurityPolicy - Basic256
SecurityPolicy - Basic256Sha256
User Identity Tokens User Token - User Name Password
Product Name cMT Series
Certified Product Version
Standard UA Server