OPC Server Transfer Service (OSTS™)

Member: Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC

Product website: www.owlcti.com/process-control.html#modbus-opc-osi

Owl’s OPC Server Transfer Service (OSTS) application replicates an OPC client in a secure environment. In the one-way transfer architecture of the Owl Perimeter Defense Solution (OPDS), the OSTS software application reads and transmits OPC data across the process control electronic security perimeter. The data is then made available to OPC clients in the business networks of critical infrastructure organizations. OSTS has received OPC Foundation Laboratory Certification that it is fully compliant with OPC Data Access (DA) specifications and supports all DA Service versions, 2.05a and 3.0.

DA Server 2.05a, DA Server 3.0

DA Server 2.05a, DA Server 3.0