OPCNet Broker DA (ONB DA)

OPCNet Broker DA (ONB DA)

Member: Integration Objects

Product website: integrationobjects.com/sioth-opc/sioth-opc-tunneli...

Searching for an easy and secure solution for remote OPC communication? Tired of DCOM complicating your efforts to connect your OPC systems? Integration Objects' OPCNet Broker™ DA ensures fast‚ reliable, and secure OPC remote communication by overcoming DCOM bottlenecks. This advanced OPC tunneling solution provides users with a robust and secure tool that enables networked computers to communicate DA data without the usual frustrations involved with DCOM configuration.

ONB DA is an easy-to-deploy and maintainable solution that allows you to:

  • Track client/server communications and limit the number of open ports within your firewalls to minimize security holes.
  • Configure your communication schema with less complexity.
  • Connect OPC components from different domains to fully integrate your data and processes


ONB DA provides significant benefits including:

  • Navigation through NAT‚ firewalls and proxies without the hassle of DCOM configuration issues.
  • Configurable call timeout so you can restart activities more quickly than with the mandatory 6 minute call timeout used with DCOM.
  • Data transmission in a secure mode:
    • Data integrity by using encryption/decryption to prevent attacks from hackers.
    • User authentication to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Compression reduces the costs and strains on your network during data transfers.
  • Automatic reconnection if the connection is interrupted due to a network glitch.


New feature: Data recovery after communication glitches