Practical introduction to OPC UA - Part I

Practical introduction to OPC UA - Part I

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Course overview

This course is intended for application developers who are new to Industry 4.0 and interested in learning the basics of OPC UA. While this course introduces you to the key concepts and features of OPC UA, it focuses more on equipping you to practically implement OPC UA services into your devices/equipment.

Rather than going behind the complex thought process behind each specification item, we have tried to strike a balance between covering as many use cases on one side while simplifying the technology for application developers on the other.

  1. This course includes hands-on sessions to implement your own OPC UA clients and servers, to demonstrate and learn OPC UA features, by using sample applications based on the open source OPC UA stack open62541.
  2. In addition to the open62541 OPC UA stack, all the other software components used in this course are available in open source and you do not need to spend on any software licenses.


Objective of this course

The objective of this course is to equip application developers with

  1. Basics of OPC UA information modelling with a hands-on example
  2. Step-by-step walkthrough of client and server applications demonstrating the following OPC UA features
    • Read/Write/Subscriptions
    • Method Calls
    • Secure client/server connection
  3. Develop your own applications based on OPC UA


What will you learn

At the end of this course, you will understand how to

  1. Compile a custom information model into an OPC UA server by using the Open Source open62541 stack as an example
  2. Use OPC UA read, write, subscription services and access your application variables over a shared memory interface
  3. Implement custom methods in an OPC UA server and invoke them from an OPC UA client application
  4. Implement user authentication, message signing and encryption for secure client/server communication


Required hardware and software

  1. One PC/laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 operating system is recommended
    • You should be able to use WSL 2.0 or Hyper-V as well
  2. Open source OPC UA stack based on the open62541 project
  3. Open source OPC UA client based on the FreeOpcUa project


View full course here: Practical Introduction to OPC UA - Part 1