Unified Architecture

Errata and Amendments Title: Errata and Amendments Description:

These documents contain changes to the OPC UA Specifications.

These changes may impact interoperability and compliance.

Amendments add functionality and errata fix errors or clarify requirements.


The following amendments are available:


Amendment 1 – AnalogItem Types: Enhances the UA DataAccess information model defined in Part 8 by adding additional sub-types of DataItemType.


Amendment 2 – ChoiceStates and Guards: Enhances the UA information model for state machines defined in Annex B of Part 5 to include the concepts of ChoiceStates and Guards.


Amendment 3 – Method Metadata: Enhances the UA information model for methods defined in Parts 3, 4 and 5 to support optional arguments and additional metadata such as engineering units. 


Amendment 5 – Dictionary Reference: Describes the basic infrastructure to reference from an OPC UA Information Model to external dictionaries like IEC Common Data Dictionary or eCl@ss.


Amendment 6 – UADP Header Layouts: Describes UADP header layouts which provide a reasonable set of header options which compromise between flexibility, interoperability and optimized support for different use cases.


Amendment 7 – Interfaces and AddIns: Enhances the UA type model to support interfaces and object aggregation.


Amendment 11 – Spatial Types: Adds types to Part 5 to represent multi-dimensional spatial types.


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1.04.6 Release OPC 10000 - UA Specification Errata (PDF/ZIP) 2020-04-14 Icon
1.04.5 Release OPC 10000 - UA Specification Errata (ZIP/PDF) 2020-03-06 Icon
1.04.4 Release OPC 10000 - UA Specification Errata (PDF/ZIP) 2020-01-08 Icon
1.04.3 Release Specification (All Parts) Errata (PDF/ZIP) 2019-09-09 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-2 - Amendment 2: ChoiceStates and Guards (ZIP/PDF) 2019-03-27 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-1 - Amendment 1: AnalogItem Types (ZIP/PDF) 2019-02-27 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-3 - Amendment 3: Method Metadata (ZIP/PDF) 2018-11-06 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-5 - Amendment 5: Dictionary Reference (PDF/ZIP) 2019-03-26 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-7 - Amendment 7: Interfaces and AddIns (PDF/ZIP) 2019-03-27 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-6 - Amendment 6: UADP Header Layouts (PDF/ZIP) 2019-06-04 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-11 - Amendment 11: Spatial Types (PDF/ZIP) 2019-05-01 Icon
1.04 Release OPC 10001-10 - UA Specification 1.04 Amendment 10 - Currency (PDF/ZIP) 2020-03-05 Icon
1.03.7 Release Specification (All Parts) Errata (ZIP/PDF) 2019-10-23 Icon
1.02.4 Release Specification Errata for All Parts (ZIP/PDF) 2016-02-02 Icon
Version Status Description Date Posted
1.04.2 Release Specification (All Parts) Errata (PDF) 2018-09-25 Icon
1.04.1 Release Specification (All Parts) Errata (PDF) 2018-04-13 Icon
1.03.6 Release Specification (All Parts) Errata (PDF) 2018-09-25 Icon
1.03.5 Release Specification Errata for All Parts (ZIP/PDF) 2018-04-13 Icon
1.03.3 Release ZIP/PDF 2016-08-26 Icon
1.03.2 Release ZIP/PDF 2016-05-18 Icon
1.03.1 Release ZIP/PDF 2016-02-02 Icon
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