Matthias Damm – Founder and Executive Director



Matthias Damm is founder and executive director of ascolab, the leading consulting and service provider for OPC Unified Architecture.

After finishing his Diploma of Electrical Engineering from University of Applied Sciences in Schweinfurt, Germany, he worked as team lead of an OPC development team at Siemens Industrial Services. In 2003 he founded ascolab with two colleagues.

Matthias is member of the OPC Foundation technical advisory council and one of the editors in the OPC UA working group. In addition he is active in several OPC UA collaboration working groups. He is the chairman of the OPC Device Integration working group and of the OPC UA for BACnet working group. For the OPC UA IEC 61131-1 (PLCopen) working group, he is the editor. In other working groups like OPC UA for AutoID, OPC UA for Automation ML and OPC UA for FDT, he supports the working groups as an OPC UA expert.