Ziad Kaakani – Global System Engineering & Architecture


Honeywell Process Solutions

Mr. Kaakani has been with Honeywell Inc. since 1988. He has held various positions in Honeywell Corporate Labs, Aerospace, and Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS). In 1998 Mr. Kaakani worked on implementing a Honeywell Communication Infrastructure toolkit based on the first OPC Foundation Data Access specification.

In 2005 Mr. Kaakani was the architect and then a development manager for Honeywell’s Experion control system. Currently Mr. Kaakani leads the HPS System Engineering and Architecture organization in Phoenix. His team is responsible for driving product strategies, invocations, architecture and realization of solutions related to HPS Systems business which includes OPC adoption. Mr. Kaakani has a Masters in Electrical Engineering, minor in Computer Science, from the University of Minnesota.

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