Prediktor AS

Designated Representative: Espen Krogh
Category: Corporate Member
Prediktor AS supplies total optimisation solutions, consulting and advisory services together with Prediktor’s APIS software. Our business concept is to optimise the management and operation of production plants with the result that our clients benefit from increased profitability and product quality. Since our establishment in 1995, we have developed into a leading supplier of IT based optimisation solutions based on current values and historical data. The majority of our clients purchase solutions that include consulting/advisory services combined with Prediktor’s APIS software.


  • Prediktor AS
  • P.O. Box 296
  • Fredrikstad, N-1601
  • Norway


Company Products

Title Description
Apis OPC Historian The Apis OPC Historian provides market-leading performance with a s...
Apis Hive Apis Hive is a real-time data-communication hub that can connect to...
Apis Modframe Apis Modframe is a mathematical modelling framework where programmi...
Apis Process Explorer The Apis Process Explorer is a powerful trending tool. Apis Process...
Apis OPC UA Software Development Kit The APIS Embedded OPC UA Software Development Kit is an easy and fa...